Need Support for Vuforia Model target through HoloLens 2

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Good Morning Sir/ madam,
I'm Kunal, student of Politecnico di Milano, currently doing thesis project on Mixed reality by using Vuforia Unity engine through Microsoft HoloLens 2.
I have few questions related to interacting with the object,
  1.  I have deployed the object in HoloLens through Visual Studio, where the object is tracked, but I'm unable to drag n drop the object (stretching the size or decreasing it).
  2. When i move the object wearing HoloLens, the projected object is at the constant place which it is not tracking when moving it.
  3. Where should i use the Box Collider, Object Manipulator, Constant manager, and Near Interaction grabbable.
Please help me out with the above questions and attaching the image of unity. Looking forward the quick response.
Thanks & regards,
Kunal Vishwanath
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