MRTK team entirely culled

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Microsoft has also culled the entire team behind the popular MRTK framework. MRTK (opens in new tab) is Microsoft's "Mixed Reality Took Kit," which is a cross-platform framework for spatial anchors in virtual reality spaces. MRTK was built for Unity VR integrations, and works with Meta's headsets with a focus on HoloLens.


This is terrible news, we send our best wishes to the MRTK team layed off, it's a bunch of very smart people and we hope they find soon a place to continue making such great software !

At our studio this drop out by MSFT truly affects us. Is there an announcement by MSFT that explains to clients and devs invested in this technology are supposed to move forward, what support we'll have, what we can use?

Beyond investing in the hardware , we have also invested plenty of time learning/developing for H2 in Unity. We have been pitching clients and currently in a contract where our pay depends on delivery of milestones. No client will want to invest further without visibility the software will support these apps, we all now how quickly software becomes updated or broken if not patched for either security or as Unity evolves.

Thanks, Sergio

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@Bytewolf Agreed. My team also frequently uses the tools provided by MRTK. I hope that this proves to be a temporary hiccup with the current wave of tech layoffs. AR/VR will certainly be a transformative technology in the future, but perhaps we need to wait for the hardware to catch up until it becomes truly commercially viable.

Here is a recent blog post that sheds some light on MRTK's future,