Microsoft Mesh Preview - Bug Suspected in Recording Video / Taking Photo

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Good afternoon!

When in the Mesh Preview, if you join a space and begin collaborating, open your menu and click on video record. It will work for a short minute sometimes but always crashes Mesh and then puts my HoloLens 2 in an unusable state where I cannot open the menu or access anything. I have to put the device into standby and bring it back up in order to regain access to the main menu.


Once that happens, I can click the 'X' for Mesh to close it. Then relaunch and Mesh will work fine. 


This also happens when trying to open the camera to take a photo.


Anyone else experiencing that same issue?



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@TheNerdNick If you've got a bug (and it sounds like you do) then I'd ask that you use the Feedback Hub app to report the bug to us so we can take a look and make improvements for future builds.