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i have been searching high and low for the asobo studio's fragments, it's still in the microsoft store, but will not download.  i consistently get the error no device detected... i have no trouble with any other download from the microsoft store, i can understand that hololens hit a wall, but it's previous creations should still be in existence., why has fragments, an amazing application btw, disappeared?

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@jaye501 Fragments has not been ported over to HoloLens 2, so I'm guessing that's probably what you're seeing. RoboRaid was ported though, and if you're looking for interesting demos, you might also be interested in Designing Holograms! It's more of a design education tool, but it's pretty excellent :)

it's still listed in the microsoft store... but when you try to download it the store wants to know what device you want it sent to... but it doesn't list any devices as being present... this is the only app i've run across in the store that does this... hololens holotour is also in the game store... and downloads with no problems... you are the only person i've run across that even suggests that fragments ever existed... lol... even if it's not ported to hololens 2 the file should exist somewhere... the old file i mean... it seems to have just disappeared... and i don't utilize hololens... i'm using the mixed reality headset...