Is Vive Focus 3 compatible with MRTK (Unity)? Or will it be at some point in the future?

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Hello, I am interested in whether the application I developed for Oculus Quest using MRTK will be switchable to a Focus 3 application now or in the future. From what I learned, I think Focus 3 is not supported by MRTK currently, although this forum indicates that the asker is convinced otherwise. Is there presently a way to make MRTK run on Vive Focus 3? Will there ever be? I am using Unity 2020.3. The application relies on hand tracking and gesture recognition, so I am interested in those features. Any answer is appreciated.

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@VResearch Hi, Vive Focus 3 is about (april according to its forum?) to support OpenXR, it should then work with MRTK.