In Mixed Reality Capture (MRC), why are 3D Models transparent?

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Regarding HL2 and the models/textures in question look normal/fine in Blender but in MRC they still look transparent so I can't imagine it being low Alpha causing transparency, they are all fully opaque in Blender.

I get why black models might be seen as transparent inside Hololens Raw View but all content looks transparent in MRC for example as seen via the Stream of it in Hololens Portal.
On that note, why is there a recording limit of 5 minutes for MRC and is there a way to extend that or is one forced to just stop recording and then start a new one?
For context looks like this here
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@Ekplixi I don't know the reasons for these, but I'd love to know a bit more about your use-cases!

For MRC, the first paragraph in the docs says "Mixed reality capture (MRC) lets you capture that experience as a photo or video, or share what you see with others in real-time". Transparent holograms should give a more representative simulation of what the user is seeing vs. solid ones, so I imagine this is primarily to "share what you see". Does your project require an opaque MRC rather than a representative one?

If you're working with OpenXR, you do have access to the blend mode that's used to combine the video feed with the render, check out XrSecondaryViewConfigurationLayerInfoMSFT::environmentBlendMode. I haven't tried this out, but I imagine that, or something nearby might do the trick!

And while I can imagine some reasons why you might want more than 5 minutes of record time, I'd love to know your reasons for it too :)


Right now I'm doing research to see the limitations of the hardware and to what extents its features can be taken. 

Having Opaque hologram at least in MRC seems to me right off the bat to be possible but so far I haven't been able to see/do that.