Image Processing or Video processing with OpenCV + Unity

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I am a student from Belgium and I 'm doing my thesis with a hololens2.

I have to make an application on the hololens for bad sighted people.

To do that, I have used the free OpenCV package with Unity.

I need some help with the MRTK packages and how to use MRTK and OpenCV at the same time.

Is there an example program that already uses OpenCV with Unity for the Hololens2?


Many Thanx

Bart Punie

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I haven't done too much with OpenCV, but I've heard about this repository over here:
It's a little old, but I believe it used to be a go-to reference for a lot of people!

A bit of googling also brought me to this more recent resource, which seems to combine MRTK + OpenCV for Unity to make a "Minimal Setup". Haven't tried it either, but the premise looks pretty promising :)

Many thanks for the links and the info. It helped me get on my way! @koujaku 


Hi, have you acheived to use OpenCVForUnity on Hololens 2 ? because i'm doing an internship and i have to do image processing on Hololens 2 and i need some filters from the OpenCVForUnity library. i imported the package on my project but ahen i deploy it on hololens 2 there is nothing displayed. if there is any help please tell mee.


Thanks !