Hololens2-Unity project & build settings

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I am following the instructions on this page to set up my Unity project for developing an app for Hololens2. Once I switched platform and saved the new settings, I was curious to see what changes had been made under the hood by looking at my SourceTree modified files, but there is none.
Is this normal (i.e. are such settings supposed to be ignored) or there is something wrong with my gitignore file that stops these changes from being tracked and registered? I do not know where these settings would be stored. My guess would be in the XRSettings.asset file, but not sure at all. The command git check-ignore -v -- XRSettings.asset does not return anything...
Where are the changes to Build Settings and Player Settings stored? Should they be kept under version control?
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although this is more related to Unity config, their doc explains where's where
Build Settings: Unity saves changes to the Build Settings in the Library folder as EditorBuildSettings.asset.