Hololens2 issue after reset

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I did reset my hololens2 because I experienced some account issues.
Now I have a bigger problem, because my hololens does boot but shows nothing at all. All i can do is set volume.
Any help?
Thanks in advance!
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Are you opening the main menu when you turn on your HoloLens? I would plug it in and let it charge fully... -Push the power button, does it turn on? If so, what do the lights look like? -Do you see the Windows logo? -Do you see the swirling spheres during the loading? -If yes to both of those, what happens when they disappear what comes up next? Anything?
I had the same problem after the first setup of my new Hololens2. I can't open the main menu either. I did fully charge it before turning it on. I see the Window logo and swirling spheres during the loading, but nothing comes up then..... Please help. Thanks.

@KC_Wong Heyas, if you're having trouble with your HoloLens, the best place to go is our official support channels! You can try out the HoloLens support channel here first, and you may find some additional resources over here as well.