HoloLens 3

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I wonder if by the time the HoloLens 3 comes out, we can use it for entertainment purposes such as simulations, watching media, or playing more video games. I would love to be apart of it if is in the works?

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The current value proposition is targeted at enterprise even though you can still order HL2 as an individual. I really doubt HL3 would be targeted at consumers wanting to use it for watching media, or playing games considering the fact that even at a 50% cost reduction it would be still priced at 1750 USD which is still quite expensive compared to the current consumer gadgets for watching media and playing games like Valve Index / Quest 2 / Nreal Light.

Yeah, I agree for right now, who knows maybe later on?@aka_anoop 

@Deleted If you're interested in game related stuff, you might want to check out the latest blog post about Kippy's Escape! Microsoft has done a couple games on HoloLens already, see Fragments and RoboRaid for examples.

Firefox Reality and Edge are both full web browsers, you can watch videos and do plenty of other things too :)

Yay! That's sounds like fun! I'll start to experiment more with these in mind! I just need a new laptop though! XD@koujaku 

Those games, Fragments and RoboRaid you mentioned, are awesome games and can stand on their own on any platform I am sure, however, when it comes to mixing games of digital type superimposed on real world (of reality type!), the "Mixed Reality" you get to experience on HoloLens 1, the gear I am using currently, is unbelievable.

Note: I avoided using the term "Augmented" for a very specific reason and a very important reason, at least in my mind.