Hololens 2 - Edge - WebXR & immersive-ar mode

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I'm working on the Hololens 2 using WebXR / WebGL custom engine.

For some reason, the latest version of the Edge browser changed WebXR behavior, now "immersive-ar " context is no longer supported, only "immersive-vr"


Even BabylonJS WebXR demo are broken, as features such as Depth-sensing are not supported in vr mode.

Is there any reason why ?




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I can confirm that AR functionality in WebXR has been broken in Microsoft Edge since March for us.  It's crippled our AR R&D efforts.


I am currently unaware of any way to fix this; as I don't think Edge can be rolled back to a previous version.  If it helps, we had a second Hololens 2 which had a functional version of Edge, so we disabled OS updates on the hololens -- and in the brief time we had it connected to the internet it updated the Edge browser and broke our WebXR content.


Big sad.