[Survey] VR, AR, MR for developers, Revised

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I am a second year student in Software Engineering, working on a thesis regarding authentication through eye-tracking and recognition and the security of these methods.

The research is important because of the steady increase and development within the xR field.

Eye-recognition and tracking is becoming a bigger part of many headsets. It is important that biometric data used in these devices can't be stolen and is properly secured. Additionally it is equally important that such options can't be fooled by upcoming imaging and video techniques.


So far I have been refining a survey that is primarily for developers within the field or those with previous experience. I would be thankful if you or any of your contacts would like to take roughly 5-10 minutes on these at most 13 questions.


Your answers are anonymous, please submit them here: 

VR, AR, MR Headsets 


Your help is greatly appreciated, thank you!

(Survey closed 25/5-2021, GMT+1)

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