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I have been advised by Microsoft Denmark to send my proposal to this group….

I'm writing to you because I can not find a place to send suggestions to Microsoft, great


A few months ago, I learned that Valve and Microsoft had teamed up with HP to develop what appeared to be a new model of your virtual reality glasses, the HP Reverb.


I have acquired a set of HP Reverb G2 which works fine with my games, although in VR they are tough on the computer in terms of data.

I have searched the web for games that can be used for VR, but think most are made for children I am not for cartoons and violence or shooting games which are pretty much the only thing available for VR

So I wonder if Microsoft could be interned in doing something for adults?


Here I am thinking of nature films - documentaries and especially something from space - planets / solar system.

and then a great wish that Microsoft could develop an App that could be used for VR, so you could watch your movies with virtual reality glasses

Now that new televisions are not doing with 3D anymore.

Now that you have bought many 3D movies, which is now not possible to watch anymore if you have a new TV.

Is it possible to develop an App so you can watch your many 3D movies with virtual reality glasses ??

I can see there are some 3D clips on YouTube, but it is not possible to see them with VR glasses.


These suggestions are not something I expect is free and would like to pay for movies and App that can be used with your VR.


I definitely think there could be a market for the sale of your HP Reverb G2 and App if together you could do something more for adults.



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