Spatial Mesh Limit on HoloLens2

Copper Contributor
Is there a limit to the size of the mesh the HoloLens 2's spatial observer can create? I want to be able to scan multiple rooms, roughly 120m2, and as such I have tried two different methods:
  • Simply walking around and scanning the rooms, then downloading the mesh via 3D View. Only a portion of the rooms I visited were scanned, resulting in an incomplete final mesh.
  • Scene Understanding demo: I walked around the same rooms and saved the mesh to the HoloLens. The resulting .obj files were also incomplete, roughly the same amount as from the Device Portal's 3D View.

Can anyone offer some pointers on how to capture larger areas? Apparently it is programmatically possible, because Huebner, et. al in Evaluation of the Microsoft HoloLens for the Mapping of Indoor Building Environments scanned an entire apartment using SpaceCatcher, an app apparently only compatible with the HoloLens 1.

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