Remote Assist: User Unable to Add Annotations

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Hi all.
We're in the process of deploying Dynamics 365 Remote Assist to a client. We had a test run yesterday and a user (Teams on Desktop) had the experience of not being able to add annotations or arrows. sometimes an error message appeared à la "it is currently not possible to add content".
The thing is: The user logged into the RA application is from another domain than the affected user. I assume that this is not expected behavior. Is this a permission thing? Which policy setting do we have to change to improve the behavior?
Thanks, bye, Marko
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Hi @marko-bublic, thanks for reaching out! We would like to get more information about the issue you are observing in order to effectively troubleshoot and resolve. When you run into this issue again (with 1 RA user and 1 Teams Desktop user), would you be able to provide the logs from HoloLens (instructions here: and logs from Teams (desktop and debug logs) (instructions here: Once you've done that, please email me at and/or reply here and our engineering team will investigate. Thank you!

Hi Nathan
Many thanks for your reply and apologies for my late reply.
We were just establishing business relations with that customer. It would have been a hindrance at that point if we forced them to retrieve the logs from the devices.
Finally, we were able to solve it so that both users were logged in with accounts from our domain during the evaluation phase.
Merci, Ciao