Objects not anchored in Hololens 2 after building from Unity

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Hello all,


I hope I found the right spot to put this. 


I am having an issue with porting one of our apps from Magic Leap 2 to Hololens 2 in Unity. After setting up MRTK into the project and hooking a few things up, I build the project for UWP and deploy to the device. When running the app, all objects in the scene move with the camera instead of staying anchored to their position. If I setup MRTK in an empty project and deploy, objects in the scene however are anchored appropriately. I am not sure what is possibly causing this, but I imagine there is some setting or error within my project. I do not have much experience with Hololens development. 


Things I have tried: 

-Disabling unnecessary DLLs from being loaded for UWP
-Fixing any exceptions thrown shown in the Player Log file
-Updating any conditional compilation tags so code from other platforms do not run unintentionally
-Checking MRTK project/build/prefab settings against empty project that is successful

Perhaps someone here is aware of what triggers this and could potentially point me in the right direction. 


I am using Unity 2022.3.11.

Thanks in advance!

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