No Internet Connection on Hololens Emulator on Windows 10 Pro

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I have just started my UX Research and Design journey with Mixed Reality and wanted to try out Hololens Emulator. However, each time I launch it, it says "No Internet Connection". I have already checked no internet in hololens emulator — Mixed Reality Developer Forum

The accepted answer mentioned there leads to broken page. I tried creating a new switch in Hyper-V Manager and enabling External Networks, but some how Hololens Emulator does not provide the feature to change the default switch.


Any idea how to get this working?

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Oh man, virtual machines and networking are always a pain to troubleshoot :( Mine has always worked out-of-the box, and I'm pretty thankful for that!

The broken page is still up on the wayback machine:

Looks like a nice article? It is from 2016 though, a lot has changed since then. There's also a few other help links over in the 'More Resources' box on the right side of the 'Help and Feedback' section -> You might have a little better luck with some of those teams! :)

Thanks @koujaku 

I am going through the link. I am a UX Professional and all the guides are around development. The only reason why I needed emulator is to install the apps and get a feel of the widgets and elements of Hololens environment. There is a design tool for Hololens too, but for that we need hololens.


For developers there are lots of tools and resources, while for designers apart from guidelines I didn't find any tool or design application.