Needs a lot of additions to work seamlessly.

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Using the fingers and pointing or gazing is the Worst way to navigate.  The absolute worst.  Should use a mouse, keyboard, or other hardware to do what you want every time you press the same or combination of buttons like Alt+F4.  If you press a certain thing it should do the same certain thing.  You should be able to tilt, move, resize, zoom-in, zoom-out, scroll-up/down, lock windows in space, etc. intuitively.  Things shouldn't be a guess.  It's the most frustrating thing to use.  Also, the white appearing as yellow is bad.  I'm still highly unsure how to close windows with no close button.  Voicing Exit and Close does nothing.  This eats battery just having it run in the background.  I feel so mentally challenged trying to navigate inside HOLO 2.  When tools make you perform worse, it's no longer a good idea.  I'm thinking about returning it.

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