my deployed Appfolder is disappeared

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i did work with hololens, then of course with mrtk and ROS sharp,(Unity2018.3.8f1)

and after final working i did deploy to App folder(Build).

Deployed Appfolder is suddenly disappeared,(would not build)

is it konwn issue?

maybe who know, please just a tip.

this is my final work at intership during 6months.. , i have to finish..

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chaebeom Park.

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This doesn't sound familiar to me! Could you give some extra details about what's happening? Are you seeing any errors or messages that might provide some extra insight?

It does sound a little bit like a Unity issue as well, so you might have some additional luck asking on the Unity forums.
hello koujaku,

thank you for answering!
i found some error during build up, but until now i didn't have error in build up, so i could not know, error would be occur in build up,! i learned..
anyway thank you for answer! :D
I'm glad you found it! Good luck with the rest of your project! :)