Memory Exception while deploying to Hololens 2 emulator using Visual Studio 2019

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Created a sample project HandleInteraction Example by following this tutorial :

Exported the same UWP app from Unity 2020.3 LTS. 

While deploying UWP app on Hololens 2 emulator it shows black screen on Hololens 2 emulator.


Black Screen on Hololens 2 emulatorBlack Screen on Hololens 2 emulator


After this it shows the Memory exception error on Visual studio 2019. Please refer the below image
for the error on Visual Studio.
Along with this exception it shows "WinXrRuntime.pdb not loaded".


Error on Visual Studio 2019Error on Visual Studio 2019


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Hi, @sahilgarg02

I faced the same issues.. Do you manage it now?