I have a great idea about input method in MR. Is anyone could accept my idea?

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There are some pain points in inputing on MR device:
1 The visual keyboard need time to adopt.
2 You need a clear space so that you can input with the visual keyboard. When you on the train, subway, maybe it's hard to input for little space around you.
3 You'll get a tired arm with not too much inputing.
4 You need a quiet environment to inputing with voice.


According to the above, it's nearly impossible to input a long text or inputing with long time in MR device. So there need a new way to input in MR devices.

Physical Keyboard is a perfect inputing device but not suitble for MR. Because taking a physical keyboard is inconvenience at all. Not metter how small it is. What's more you should consider the connection and battery as well.


My creative inspiration comes from Chinese Taoism. For some perpose, I don't want to talk about detail in public for now. If you are interested in this, please contact me privately. 

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