HP reverb G2 + unity 2019.4 + MRTK 2.6.1

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Dear all,


could you provide screenshots of your set up in Unity hierarchy and inspector to get controllers recognized?


I'm trying to build a basic prototype and I don't find basic tutorial which explain the "how to" set up HP reverb G2 controllers. I mean which prefab/3D object set up in my hierarchy, which script do I add to my prefac/3D object.


Many thanks in advance


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I'm not too familiar with MRTK stuff, I expect this would probably be just the same as any other controller? MRTK's input system is a high-level feature that should cover everything from controllers to hands automatically.

I'd also recommend asking this over on the MRTK Github page instead, maybe under the Discussions tab. The MRTK team sees that stuff directly, and can give you a far more informed answer :)