Hololens emulator positional tracking

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Hi is it possible to navigate hololens emulator in vr mode by walking around a space instead of moving the analog stick for better emulation
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@Caink360 Absolutely! You should be able to do this already, check out this document for the details:


Thanks, also, how do you save in the emulator because after i switched off the emulator agter signing in, it isn't saving my preferences or apps

@Caink360 I'm not terribly familiar with the emulator, but it does look like this may be how the emulator is designed. If you need it to keep your changes, you may just need to keep the emulator live.

It does look there is an account sign-in in the settings/additional tools menu, which could make some things a little easier. Is there anything in particular that you're missing from the default image that you need for development?