HoloLens 2 Overheat Issue

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Hi, my company has been using HoloLens 2 since September 2020. So it's been almost a year until today. During this time period, the HoloLens 2 had been used mainly as tools for presenting demo to clients about the following applications:


1. Dynamics 365 Remote Assist,

2. Dynamics 365 Guides, and

3. Trimble Connect.


The issue that I would highlight in this topic is the overheat problem in HoloLens 2. At first, the usage time (full usage of remote assist) could range between 60-80 minutes (outdoor) before the appearance of the overheat warning. But as time goes by, the time usage dropped drastically and therefore the frequency of overheating increases a lot, even when used indoor at room temperature. In the most recent case, the average usage time until the overheat warning appeared is between 30-40 minutes (it varied based on the running application).


If there are any similar issue, please kindly share your experience with me. If someone knows the roundabout solutions for this issue, I appreciate it a lot if you could drop it in this thread.

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Heyas! Thanks for posting, this might be a little outside of our expertise on here. You might want to check over here (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/hololens/hololens2-support) to see if there's a better spot to report this!

@koujaku thanks for the response. Alright, I will try to check the link. Sorry for misplacing the issue in this forum.

@Tantoo  I have same issue.

When using hololens 2 for 30 minute, the device, I think too hot.

I Think microsoft need to improve again the hardware design.

Now, I'm using external fan for reduce over heat.

@ambarfarid Hi I have the same overheat issue, I see that you mentioned you are using an external fan to resolve, may I know more about your set up? Can you share the external fan set up that you are using?

@Tantoo Can you file a bug via Feedback Hub to help us look into causes for overheating? Thanks.