Hololens 2 Microphone issue

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Hello all

Would anybody be able to suggest a way to allow the Hololens 2 to be used for streaming a meeting where people watching can hear everyone in the room, or at least close by. During a test run, the people watching the stream could only hear the person wearing the Hololens device

That you for your help
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The HoloLens 2 microphone array is built to focus on the wearer and have noise cancelling for everything else in order to be used in loud environments. If you have a specific microphone in mind you'd like to use for these recordings then you could try out a HoloLens Insider build and try out USB-C Microphones.
An interesting thing about the microphone array is that each mic is theoretically independently addressable as well! I guess it depends on the capabilities of the API you're using for mic capture, but it could be nice to try out one of the mic channels on the top of the device if that's an option :)

@koujaku Please take a look at the documentation that describes the audio categories supported on HoloLens 2.




  • The AudioCategory_Other stream category is customized for ambient environment audio recording and provides the client with a 48-kHz 24-bit stereo audio stream.

Choosing the AudioCategory_Other when initializing the audio capture stream should provide the experience that you are looking for.