HoloLens 2 - Edge Browser 2D View Unresponsive Within Primary Immersive App View

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Hi, I'm trying to use an Edge browser window as an extra 2D view within my Unity app as a primary immersive view. While running my Unity app, can I open the default browser via URI and it works fine for a moment. However, if I look away from the browser for 10-30s, it becomes unresponsive. I can no longer interact with the contents of that window at all, only the toolbar for repositioning or closing the window hologram.

I suspect Edge is either silently entering some form of sleep mode or crashing. When using Edge from the Windows Mixed Reality home, I do not have this problem. In the MR home, a sleep mode is clearly indicated with panel darkening and resume animation which is not happening here. The MR home sleep mode seems to be activated by interacting with three other 2D windows, instead of what appears to be gaze or recency of interaction. 

I've done this using an almost completely empty Unity scene, consisting only of a button to launch the browser via URI. Because of this and monitoring performance via the device portal, the problem should not be flooding device resources.

Has anyone experienced this problem, or had success instead?
As a potential workaround, is there another browser I can use from within my application, that supports WebRTC?

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