Hololens 2 app works with unity game mode, but not when deployed to hololens2.

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I am developing an app for Hololens 2 on Unity 2020.3.33f1 using MRFT v1.0.2203.0 and XR SDK. I have done all of the basic MRTK setups (I added MRTK Foundation, Extensions, Tools, and Standard Assets using the Mixed Reality Feature Tool; I used the utility "Configure Project for MRTK" in Unity under Mixed Reality > Toolkit > Utilities; I installed the XR Plugin Manager and the Windows XR Plugin and adjusted their settings in Project Settings).

This is the first time I am working on the hololens2 project. Initially, I was able to render objects to hololens2. Then I modified my scene. Now, I have a parent object and a child object in this scene with a script(called in child object) that loads the medical image to the scene. Then I built a scene to render a medical image via which is called inside the child object and it was visualized when game mode is enabled in unity. Unfortunately, I could able to visualize both 3D objects on hololens2, not the 3D image. 

My Build settings are set to Universal Windows Platform, HoloLens target device, ARM64, latest installed Windows SDK and Visual Studio, and release mode.


Any idea what could be causing this issue?

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