Exploring Hololens in Architecture

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Currently, I'm exploring how Hololens 2 works in the architecture field, but currently I'm still using Hololens 2 Emulator. 

Is it possible to connect Rhinoceros (+ grasshopper) to Hololens 2 without fologram? Is there some kind of tutorial or guide, or maybe keywords? maybe connecting through unity? Because what I'm found is most of people use fologram. and unity 2019.4 doesn't support Rhinoceros. or maybe I'm missing something?


Thank you

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What type of connection are you looking for? I've not heard of Fologram before now, it sounds like it is primarily a viewer application with additional features. Could you give a few more details about what you're trying to achieve?

If you're using it just to view models, then the 3D viewer app on HoloLens could possibly work, if you can export your content as a .gltf file. If you're looking for more advanced features, then Unity + MRTK can get you functionality pretty fast if you have some dev savvy. I'm not aware of anything specific to Rhino off the top of my head though, other than then one you just mentioned. Is there something wrong with Fologram for your needs?

If you're looking for something that directly supports Rhino's own proprietary files, you may also want to ask Rhino themselves! However, Rhino is a pretty notable tool, and likely has a number of options for interop between different applications, you may want to look into what kind of export capabilities Rhino has too :)
Thank you koujaku for your insight!
My main goal is to connect Rhino (+grasshopper) to Hololens, and from your answer, it looks like it's possible to connect Rhino using Unity+MRTK.

What fologram able to do is connect rhino +grasshopper directly to hololens for real-time editing. So, by connecting through Unity, maybe I can add some UI for the rhino model. There's nothing wrong with fologram, I'm just curious about the possibilities :)