Cannot connect HoloLens 2 to 5GHz Mobile Hotspot

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Recently while trying out Holographic Remoting I have noticed that the HoloLens 2 will not connect to a 5GHz mobile hotspot provided by my computer. Due to the HoloLens' onboard 802.11ac WLAN chip, I would expect this to work. My computer is capable of 802.11ac and is configured to do so in the device manager.


Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows Holographic version 2004 is installed.


Steps for reproduction:

  • Turn on WLAN Hotspot in Windows 10 computer (developer mode is activated).
  • Select 5GHz as band from the dropdown list.
  • Open the list of networks in the HoloLens network settings. The hotspot does not appear in the list of available networks.

If I change the band to 2.4GHz in the hotspot settings and refresh the list in the HoloLens, the network appears. In addition, a 5GHz network will also appear when the Hololens is connected to a Netgear R6120 WLAN AC1200 router.


Has anyone experienced this same behavior when using the Windows Mobile Hotspot?

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I did poke around with this a bit. 2.4GHz worked great, but my computer was actually incapable of hosting a mobile hotspot on the 5GHz band. I also normally have my HoloLens attached to the 5GHz band of my WiFi router.

Is it possible this issue is on the PC side? Can you connect a phone or another device to the 5GHz hotspot? Drivers up-to-date, etc?

@koujaku Thanks for your input!

Yes I have tried on my phone and I can connect to a 5GHz network offered by the computer's mobile hotspot, thus ruling out for me the possibility of a computer issue.