Add the ability to double press the Win button to bring up SteamVR dashboard.


With current MR headsets, the default button for the SteamVR Dashboard is clicking on the joystick which is not ideal, it removes functionality from the controllers which could be used for other things. With HP Reverb G2 releasing with even fewer buttons (lack of touchpad to simulate more buttons), I'm afraid game developers who release their games on Steam will face some difficulties configuring their games and loses some parity with Oculus Controllers, making the controllers in an uncanny valley where it's similar enough to Oculus Touch controllers but it's not actually similar.


The solution I propose is adding the ability to double-click on the Win button to bring up the SteamVR Dashboard. Another solution is making the left Win button for SteamVR and the right for Windows or vise versa. What's important is making sure the default is not what we have currently.


Now I know you can get to the SteamVR by clicking on the Win button and then clicking on the button on the left side to bring up the SteamVR Dashboard, however. This is extremely slow, and some people (including me) face a bug that's still present to this day where the SteamVR button is fully transparent. Many people (especially the newcomers when the G2 arrives) will not know that button even exists. I have heard the issue is caused by the WMR SteamVR Driver being installed on the D:/ drive instead of C:/ drive. I have not tested that to verify if this is the case.

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