Viva Topics workflow and multiple topic page copies

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I've configured and started using Viva Topics in my development SharePoint deployment. With little content there, I've manually created the topics.


I've checked the topic life-cycle documentation and related video, and my understanding of the topic life-cycle is Suggested Topics ---> Confirmed --> (Edited confirmed Topics go to --> Published.   Plus if you edit a suggested Topic it goes straight to Published.   


The issue I'm having, however, is when I select a confirmed topic and select Review and Publish - then select Edit - make a change and Publish  (following the video and the steps in the docs directly) instead of moving the topic to published in the life-cycle it informs me the page is already published and creates a duplicate?


Everything seems to work fine (although it's very slow finding new manually created topics). Anyone else experience this issue? 


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Yes I've experienced this - I also have at least one Topic that has been published but is not appearing under the Published header