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What is the vision on how topics are maintained over time?  I assume A.I. is out of the picture once the topic is initially created so does this add a manual burden then to an organization who grows to many hundreds of topics on how to keep all these current?


For example not sure if the intention is to be like Wikipedia where anyone in a company can contribute/edit?  Obviously can understand there is not one prescribed way and each company is different ... but I feel like all the documentation is just focused on turning it on and getting going but not much thought or guidance on long-term success.  

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The AI in Viva Topics will keep updating the suggested content on a topic, as the content around it is created and updated. The vision is that ongoing AI updates and human curation will give the most valuable end result.

Among our early customers, we do see a variety in approaches to Topics. Its probably too early to describe any one approach as the best practice, but we do see success from customers who adopt a crowd sourced / Wikipedia style approach.

We're working on additional content to talk to longer term success. Keep an eye on the Viva Topics docs for updates.
Does the AI access content in closed repositories like private Teams or Team Sites? If so how does it respect permissions? If it does respect permissions and all the 'relevant' content is in private areas how does this affect the AI capability?
The AI will index from any sites that are configured as in scope by an administrator (these could be standalone SP sites or Teams).

Topics respects permissions, so a user will only see content they have access to on a Topic, and Topics generated from content that they have access to.
So unless a Topic has a curated page the suggested content will be different per user depending on what they have permission to view (and this is exactly how I expected it to work) - but for users such as front-line workers who normally do not participate on the M365 platform as much as a typical information worker, their user experience will be different.

There is also something here about having more public Teams and maybe publishing more outputs from closed private Teams into more accessible repositories.
Correct- the AI driven content will be different per user. The front line experience would be based on thier permission level, and for relevant topics probably increase the benefit of manually curated content.

There is definitely a benefit in Topics to having content widely accessible (where appropriate based on the content). Encouraging an intentional decision from content owners on the permissions of content is important, not just defaulting to locked down or wide open.