Viva Topics errors for user with "Create and Edit Topics" permissions


We are experiencing the following error with a user who has 1) A Viva Topics license and 2) "Create and Edit" permissions in the 365 Admin>Settings>Org Settings>Topic Experiences.  Topic Visibility has been set to "everyone in my organization".


When this "Create and Edit" user encounters a topic, they are able to go to the Topic Center and edit topics as expected. However, the "Manage Topics" option is still visible in the top navigation, even though this should not be accessible to them, only to those granted "Manage Topics" permissions.


When this user clicks on the Manage Topics nav item, they are taken to the Manage Topics page, but the screen is blank, other than the header. If they then click on Home in the top navigation, they see the following error message: 


Suggested and confirmed connections Topics are still shown on the Home page, but when clicking on them either the page simply refreshes back to Home, or shows the page without the ability to edit; and the error message persists. It appears that clicking on "Manage Topics' triggers an authentication bug.


FWIW, this behavior is happening in a Microsoft CDX-issued tenant configured with Viva Topics, and we are testing to understand the user experience for users in this permission group. This seems like a major issue so I hope it can be resolved. Thanks!


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You need to add users who need to edit and manage with a "Knowledge Administrator Role" in Active Directory. Even though what you did is right, the Knowledge Admin role should be added and wait for 10 min and refresh the browser and it should work (I learnt the hard way). Good luck.