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Greetings, we're migrating our knowledge base to Viva Topics and it's been working well up until now. For some reason it stopped showing topics in emails or as search results in SharePoint. As an examplewhen I use # in an email to start a topic, what I get back is EmptyCacheEntry.


The same happens when I try to connect topics in the topics editor using Related topics. Any ideas what to look at?


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Have you tried in a different browser or cleared the cache? as it should show data when typing something.

When starting a topic using # , you will see EmptyCacheEntry when empty. When you type any letter, then it should search and give you suggestions. 

Yup. Tried multiple browsers, different users as well (on multiple devices). When I write a letter it does not find anything.

Superweird! Have you checked that other users have the same issues ?

Sounds like a case for the MS support

@NicolasKheirallahyup. Multiple users, multiple browsers. I'm online with support as well. I'll update here if it's something on our side.