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Greetings all,

I have everything set up for the Viva Topics employee experience which works fine in SharePoint. Im more interested in seeing how it works in Teams with topic cards. Problem is I cannot seem to find the app in my tenant anywhere. In the MS announcement videos "Topics" is listed on the app bar (left side). I have looked in there, teams admin, even azure but cannot find any mention of Topics, or Viva (other than insights). Has anyone been able to get this working in Teams to let me know what I am missing? Thanks!

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there is nothing wrong with your tenant. The topic experiences for Teams and Outlook are not available for all customers yet. Unfortunately, I'm not aware of the timeframe since my organization is waiting for these features as well to better drive the adoption and prove the business value of Viva Topics.

Hopefully, Microsoft will share more details soon.

Thanks Martin, I figured this was the case but was hoping I was missing something.
The closest to a timeframe is this article which says that it will be rolling out through 2021 (in the section Make knowledge easy to discover and use) -