Viva Topic "Templates"


Microsoft Viva Topics is very new and I know that a lot of changes are on the roadmap. One specific request we are getting from a lot of clients is the ability to edit or change the topic cards and topic pages slightly. For example:

  1. The ability to have topic card or topic page "templates" for different topic types. An example may be that an "onboarding" overview topic may focus more on suggested people and sites where a "project" topic may focus more on the documents. Perhaps even the ability to have certain added webparts (e.g., LEADERSHIP which is a people webpart).
  2. The ability to edit the section headers. So instead of "Suggested People" call it something else. We tried doing this with some CSS and JS but customers want it on the topic pages that are auto generated as well as curated.
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Thanks @Mario! Flagging for @cjtan

@Karl-Gerd Schneider , no updates at this time, but will share updates as soon as I can. Thank you for adding this to our feedback portal.