Viva Insights need help. Assign people manager roles troubleshooting.

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Hi all! Need blackbelt help :)


1. My problem case:


  • I tried to assign a people manager role in Manager settings at WpA admin center for one of our managers who has 7 direct subordinates and more than 50 indirect. In result i got an error with the next description: "not a manager or not meeting group manager min group size".
  • After that the Org.File was updated with the same EffectiveDate  by the uploading function "Append" first time, and then second time with the other function "Edit". In both tries of the Org.File updating - the number of DIRECT subordinates was increased up to 10 employees.
  • After both of these tries i tried to assign to this manager a people manager role and both times i received the same error: "not a manager or not meeting group manager min group size".
  • At the same moment i investigate that there are some problems with this manager in Azure Active Directory. There is incorrect organizational view for this manager in Microsoft Teams - there are no subordinates to this manager in organizational view, so i make a conclusion that there are some incorrect data in AAD. But in reality this person is a true manager.
  • All aspects with Microsoft O365 licenses and Viva Insights Licenses for this manager is okay.


2. This is what i read from the Microsoft Learn page: 


"...As an admin for Microsoft Viva Insights, you can set up and edit Manager settings to allow all measured people managers or a specified group of managers access to aggregated collaboration insights about their team.

Only managers whose team meets or exceeds the Minimum team size setting can access Group insights within My team in Viva Insights in Teams. The other admin tasks required for Group insights access are the same as for access to My team. See Admin tasks for details.

The size of the team counts the manager and all the employees who directly or indirectly report to that manager within the organization's reporting hierarchy..."


3. This is what i read from the other article:


"...Organizational data is information about your company that your admins provide to the advanced insights app with Microsoft Viva Insights. The admin either uploads your organizational (HR) data or Viva Insights can use the organizational data that's presented in Azure Active Directory..."



4. So in according to my issue and to the information from articles above, my questions to community members are the next:


  1. Minimum group size accounts only direct or indirect subordinates too?
  2. Direct reports are calculated by those number of licensed employees in my latest org.file who has a certain person as a manager in the column “ManagerID”, right?
  3. If my Minimum group size set up as 10 employees. And if certain manager has 6 direct subordinates and 6 indirect - does it mean that i can successfully assign to him/her a people manager role and he/she can use full fuctionality of people manager in Microsoft Viva Insights App (as Teams app as well as Web app)?
  4. What criteria really do has a higher priority to consider certain person as a manger: Org.File OR Azure Active Directory? In my case i can make a conclusion that AAD, but in according to the articles it should be vise versa - Org.File!


Thanks in advance for your answers and help!

KR, Oleksii

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