Viva Insights and Time Zone Issues, Potentially with Citrix Workspace

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I was wondering if anyone has any issues with their time zone and Viva Insights.  In our case, we're seeing what looks to be random cases of someone's time zone getting switched to UTC time for a certain amount of time.


Unfortunately, this can happen when Viva Insights runs its processes for Focus Time and Virtual Commute, so Viva tells people to go home at 11:00 or sets Focus Time at 8:00AM.


We think it may be related to Citrix Workspace VDI and have been working with Microsoft Support for a while, yet still haven't figured it out yet.


Did anyone else run into this issue and if so, were you able to resolve it?

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Is the issue with the Viva Insight app in Teams app only or are you getting the same Issue in the browser version of teams ?
We've found that the issue is with the time zone in general. It just happens that Viva Insights manifests the issue in a visible way. If we hover over someone's name, we can see that they're sometimes on UTC.
Did you guys get it fixed?

Usually when Timezone error it's the to the Outlook Calender Settings,

These commands usually helps to check if the timezone is correct for you and other users :)