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Viva is an exciting platform that can add value to any organization. Noting that M365 for gov usually has limited features when compared to Enterprise, what are Viva limits in Gov? 



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@chuckpiot Microsoft Viva Topics is on our roadmap currently. It's still early days and we are looking into this for the other modules. 

@Michael Holste thanks for the quick response! I know you can't say when, but if something is "on the roadmap" is that months out or years out?  We are looking to make strategic choices and we can wait for the tech in Gov. However, if these functions/features are years out, then we have to make other plans. Thanks, again for the feedback!

@Michael Holste - just a heads up - this MSFT video claims Viva is "available as add on for all plans" -

I don't see it on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap. Is there another roadmap we should be looking at?

My GCC org is also keenly interested in this (as well as Search and Graph and Syntex and Whiteboard and To Do), none of which are on the roadmap despite having been asking about them for years in some cases.
Is there any guidance for how knowledge could be documented today on government GCC tenants to enable an easy transition to Viva Topics whenever it is available?

I.e., should we make SharePoint pages in a certain format, or Word docs, or put knowledge in SP Lists, or in Excel, or OneNote, or.... ?

@Jrbedford Thanks for responding - Where can I find the roadmap? TY!

The public Microsoft 365 Roadmap is here:

You can filter by GCC, GCC-High or DoD (among other things).

@Michael Holste any update on Viva for gcc release date? 

Thanks for the help!

I also have a GCC client interested in Topics right now. Any timing update would be great. Thanks!

@MElkinsKG the latest we heard from MSFT was end of year 2022, early 2023. That said, they said don't be surprised if it is sooner given that the original target was end of year 2021, then winter 21-22. 

FYI, the MS Roadmap was recently updated (today?) with a new GA date of "April CY2022" for Viva Topics for GCC:
Excellent! Thanks!