Viva Excel Online Integration Issues

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I am able to enable the integration and successfully connect a Key Result progress tab to an Excel Online file after creating a connection.  Initially, it all works well.  I come back a few hours later, expecting that it would be 'automatically updated' once an hour and I continually find 'sync error' displayed.  Is there an issue with our Azure AD disconnecting these connections?  How do we make sure to keep the connections open so that automatic updates can happen without manually syncing?

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@blemond There was an know issue on the past and hope this has been sorted now. If not try to Re-authenticate the excel online Integration 

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@MukeshB2652 The re-authorization did not help.


However, I recently had a ticket with Microsoft support and I believe the engineers have now resolved this issue.  I'm not sure exactly what the technical issue was, but it seems to be working.