Viva Connections Teams App renders SharePoint page incorrectly

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Viva Connections Teams App renders SharePoint page incorrectly. Instead of using the site's theme it defaults back to dark blue. This only happens when changing the selection to another app like Chat and navigating back to Viva Connections. 


Refreshing the page solves it temporarily.


Is this a know issue?

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We see the exact same issue in our MS Teams Viva connections app, did you find a solution to this issue or do you know if MS is working on a fix ?


This is what I got back from support back then.



For your reference, here's what happened on the ticket:
• advised that the full launch of the Microsoft Viva application will be in November
• for now the Customer Preview version is the one deployed
• similar cases have been reported and are being checked by back-end support
• more features will be implemented and fixed in the coming months


Main question  is whether this is fully supported now or not.

Thanks a lot for the information, I guess we just need to be patient with Microsoft. I have not been able to find any information when the Viva connections app in MS Teams should be fully rolled out to all tenants.