Viva Connections "Pop Out App" shows blank screen

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Is anyone else experiencing this issue? We see it on multiple tenants. To reproduce,

  1. Right click the Viva Connections logo in your Teams desktop client.
  2. Select 'Pop out app'
  3. the pop out window is blank

Expected result: the pop out window shows your HomeSite.


Thanks in advance for any help or insight you can offer!

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Hi Andrea,
I can confirm I'm seeing the exact same issue

@Juan Carlos González Martín AGREED!  I am even seeing the home page before you pop it out ... as Blank sometimes.


I sometimes see where it looks like the home page is loading ... like I will see a header or Title ... but then it goes blank.



@Andrea_Mondello @Juan Carlos González Martín  we are experiencing different behaviours from tenant to tenant. On one of our tenants blank screens by default when loading Viva Connections (only the header/footer extensions are loading) and it tries to open the home site in a browser externally... Then in the Pop Out in desktop almost loads everything but some graph Api web parts are failing to load.


In other tenants we started a few days ago to receive a permission message: "Almost there! We need to ask for additional permission. You should only need to do this once for NAME OF THE VIVA INSTANCE" and after clicking "Continue" in that prompt receiving up to 4 error traces about AD app permisisons missing...

We are now in the process of opening support tickets for all this issues, any comments or insights are appretiated!

We are also getting the "Almost there! We need to ask for additional permission. You should only need to do this once for ..." Pop up. After clicking "Continue" we need to login in and then get a CA20004 error.
Did anyone find a solution to this?

@AshMSport yes, we managed to "heal" our tenant by doing the following:

Go to Azure Active Directory -> App Registrations -> All Apps -> search for SharePoint

Select the application named "SharePoint Online Client Extensibility Web Application Principal" click on the name and then go to the Manifest section for that app. In the manifest line 4, you change 

"accessTokenAcceptedVersion" to 1, if already one change it to null instead and then try to change it back to 1. That should be forcing whatever is holding our tenant from behaving normally to work again.
Also, It is required to make sure in the "Expose an API" section if you scroll down to the bottom to make sure you have there 3 client IDs that stand for SharePoint online, Graph and Teams, usually on tenants with this issue the Teams ID is missing, this one 08e18876-6177-487e-b8b5-cf950c1e598c you can add it manually by clicking + Add a client appliation.
You don't need to take my word on all this as It has been result of researching on existing issues logged in github like this one:
AcquireOBOToken tries to get token from "SharePoint Online Web Client Extensibility" but fails with ...
Hope this helps to fix the issue in your affected tenants.