Viva Connections Public Preview Feedback


Hi everyone, we've just announced the Viva Connections public preview and would love to use this discussion thread to collect your feedback. The Viva Connections product team will monitor this thread and we will do our best to keep up with your questions and feedback. This will help us drive improvements and priorities for Viva Connections moving forward.


Please note that the Viva Connections public preview update will be gradually rolling out across both SharePoint and then Teams, so these experiences will be made available on a staged basis over the course of the next weeks. Thank you and we look forward to your questions and feedback. 

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When it is going to be GA ?

Does the "dashboard" feature page layout appear on any communication site or only the site that has been set as the homesite? And does this feature rollup of Viva connections preview coincide with the release of Boost news articles feature by chance?

@Sebastien Fouillade Any chance we can get updated instructions on how to set this up as per the article here: Overview: Viva Connections (Preview) - SharePoint in Microsoft 365 | Microsoft Docs

"Expanded step-by-step guidance will be published shortly after the release of Viva Connection for Public preview on September 9th, 2021".


Many thanks.

In addition , is there any visible way of knowing when this feature is "live/available" on the tenant, or do we just go to the homesite and randomly click "New" and hope to see "Dashboard" show up in the menu. And when it does appear does that mean the webparts for dashboard and feed will then be part of the available webparts within SharePoint?

Trying to tell if there is a way of seeing a Site or Site collection feature to know its there?

It will be going GA in Q4 of this year. Thanks!
The "dashboard" feature page only appears on sites that have been set as the homesite.
Hi David, we're looking at September 20th for the admin documentation to be released.

@Sebastien Fouillade Thanks ,


After a bit of time found the new menu option to enable it, so now have two new content types in the site pages of my homesite and can edit the dashboard now .


Just need to wait now i guess until a feature appears in the site for the webparts to be shown as they aren't currently visible. Unless the webparts are coming in another release?

Hi Sebastien, Is the Dashboard now available on the homesite ?
Hey, Could you please share where did you find the menu ?

@Tinasharma950 Hi ,

The pic1 is the first sign your tenant has some changes occurring as this is a new menu, if you click it the system actually tells you need to enable Viva Preview before you can use it. After i did this a few times about 15 mins afterwards on a new sign in and session i saw a new option in the menu which is picture 2. 

So once you click this it does something in the background which i'm still trying to figure out what, but two things it does do is enable 2 new content types on the sitepages of the home site.

Note: This menu only seems to show up on the home site communication site, so far from what i have found.


Once you have it enabled you get this message, which is the picture 3.



@NightmareRambo77 Thanks mate. Did you have to do anything after making a communications site home site to get these menu items ? Because I see none. 

Nope didn't have to do anything, but my communication had been created a long time ago, and global nav enabled and set as homesite a long time ago. So I'm guessing it's a timing thing that the feature is being pushed out in a staggered approach . Our production tenant doesn't have it but our dev tenant does . So it may be luck or timing

@NightmareRambo77 Thank you. The Viva Connections setting and Dashboard is available in the home site now. But the new Microsoft Viva Connections app is not showing in Teams. I blocked the older custom app. Do you have to do anything else for that too ? 

Yes, full roll out should be completed by the end of the month. We are doing this in stages across SharePoint and Teams.
That's correct. Boost rollout is planned with Viva Connections preview.
Yeah i'm not sure on this one, I had an older version of the app from previous testing, and also note there is a microsoft version of it in my tenant, but i just followed the instructions on the net and basically redid the app with the latest version of powershell. Then uploaded it and assigned it, i have had mixed results with it showing up in the mobile app but it does seem to show and pinned in the right order via the browser. So its possible the mobile app is too old or its caching the pinned apps and not showing correctly yet.

Also my version which is the latest version of when i did manage to get it to show in the mobile app the first time it didn't render it like it was the new viva connections, it merely rendered my homesite layout when i clicked on the app, and it did not not the Dashboard, feed and resource tabs .