Viva Connections Mobile Teams App doesnt work properly anymore (Android & iOs)


As of yesterday we are experiencing on multiple tenants , that the Teams App for Viva Connetions where we deploy our SharePoint Communication Sites with arent able to scroll anymore on mobile phones (android & iOs).


Desktop is working properly but only mobile is lacking which is big pain already!

Frontliners use it to easily lookup work procedures and information from their Teams mobile app.


Anyone else experiencing this and anyone found a solution?


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[updated] When it first loads, it won't scroll but if I go to Documents or Events and then back to Home, I can scroll through the Connections site.  Teams Version number shows 1416/

We are experiencing the same issue. Scrolling and clicking both are broken when accessing via the Teams mobile app. Seems other pages are fine - in our case it's the home page that never works. I've tested with a fresh tenant and out-of-the-box Viva Connections app and the same issue is present there.
Also running into this issue. Tested on a few tenants.
@Michael Armstrong
@Mark Bice
Did you try the navigation trick I mentioned? Always seems to work for me

@David Slight Thanks. In our case our home site doesn't have any of those nav items available and even if we did I'm not sure it would be feasible to expect all our users to try and work around it this way (we have about 5K mobile users on it right now).


Thanks for the tip, though!

It seems to be due to a bug in the teams application, downgrading to help
best response confirmed by Kevin McDonnell (MVP)


Downgrading the mobile Teams app on a bunch of devices doesnt seem right.


the Navigation "solution" sometimes work, but isnt something you can teach all of your users.


The Microsoft Docs about Viva Connections does state that mobile support isnt available yet.

Add Viva Connections for Microsoft Teams desktop - SharePoint in Microsoft 365 | Microsoft Docs


Summer 2021, hope that it get fixed soon.

Unfortunately the mobile experience shouldn’t be available yet. I believe that a version was let out by mistake but it’s definitely not meant to be there yet. Shouldn’t be too long now.
Too long took two days :)

Suddenly it started to work again as of today. Hopefully it will stay working properly.
I created a case about it end of last week and they seemed to pushed an update tuesday, so might be because of that :)