Viva Connections mobile app is missing local site navigation

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I'm doing some trials in VIVA Connections. Everything is working fine regarding the dashboard and news. When going to the resources I see my global navigation which is working fine. My global navigation mainly shows all sites connected to the hub. But I can't understand how I'm supposed to navigate to a page on a specific site, since the local site navigation is missing. 


So if I go to the Finance site i see the start page for Finance in SharePoint, but I have no way of navigating to the documents or a page called Instructions regarding Finance


In the SharePoint app this shows up as expected and I can't see that all links should be put in the local navigation.


Please help me to understand if this is a bug or by design. 

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Dear Ken
I've noticed exactly the same behavior as you and tested it on different tenants. Hopefully someone has some insights into this.

,@Ken Larsson 



Also experiencing the same issue.  Hopefully someone can get to fixing this.

We have also been running into the same issue during our testing and the Viva Resources tab is essentially unusable for us since all the links in our global nav point to the home pages of our individual sites. Our users are unable to navigate past the landing pages.

We have reached out to Microsoft and the response was that this was working as designed.

I agree with all the above. The implementation is incredibly frustrating and not user friendly. We tried to figure out the "why" for it and when we looked at the design on the Resources tab on Viva Connections mobile we noticed that it seems to mimic that of SharePoint app. However the SharePoint app relies on a hamburger menu to bring in both global nav and local nav. That piece is completely missing in this applet. Instead we just get a back arrow that takes us back to a clunky representation of the global nav. Since our initial feedback to Microsoft didn't get us anywhere, we did open a Design Change Request (DCR) on the topic and it was just recently rejected! I'm not sure how they don't see this as a broken experience, but site level navigation is a critical part of our user's site browsing experience. Our design experts have taught this to be used as a main component of good site design, and the nav contains key links within the site. To remove it from the site removes a good portion of usability from the sites themselves. I'm not sure why they view the current resources tab as "ready for roll-out," but at this point it is not for our +80K end-users.