'Viva Connections for Microsoft Teams desktop implications

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Hello MS-team,


We are highly interested in 'Viva Connections for Microsoft Teams desktop' (as explained here) however I'm wondering if it would break our current solution/setup or not. At the moment we are making use of the 'Embedding modern SharePoint pages in Microsoft Teams as personal apps'-solution (previously it was explained here).


Is it safe to set up the existing SharePoint (the same we we are embedding in MS Teams) as a Home site (as explained hereand deploying the Viva Connections PowerShell package?


Can we run both solutions ('Viva Connection for MS Teams Desktopand 'Embedding modern SharePoint pages in Microsoft Teams') next to each other or are there any implications/comments/doubts?


We would like to offer the 'Viva Connection for MS Teams Desktop'-solution to a few selected people in our organization for testing purposes.


Your feedback is highly appreciated. Thank you.

Bart Van Eynde

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