Viva Connections and Stream webpart

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Is there any known issues using Stream webpart inside Viva Connections? It only renders "To see the content, sign in"

Verified issue is present on multiple tenants.



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 @stiangodotussa We have the same issue. Have tested on two tenenats, and just can't get the Stream videos to play in any way. When clicking the Sign in button, the browser opens, I sign in, and then end up on a blank page.

@M_Bech it started working here some weeks ago. I would recommend talking to Microsoft support if you still have issues.


I was wondering if you were still having this issue or if it had been resolved by Microsoft.


We recently started looking at Viva connection and are having the same issue.




@Dryadne I have an open supportticket at the moment at Microsoft. They haven't resolved it yet.

@M_Bech I have the same problem here. Have you found any solution now, is the support ticket resolved? Thank you!

@Cheng_Qian No the ticket has not been resolved yet.

Keeping my eye on this. It's over a year now and this functionality still is not working. Love Viva though. Great way to integrate your intranet SharePoint site into the Teams hub. Very convenient.