Viva connection Dashboard is not working in mobile app

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Hi All,


I have configured SharePoint intranet site to viva connection. It was working fine in both desktop and mobile version of teams. The desktop (teams) and browser version of the intranet site is working fine. Suddenly viva connection in mobile is having issues with Resources and Dashboard tabs. I haven't made any changes to the site.


After few times of install and uninstall resources tab displays contents but it is incorrect. I have set target audience to navigation links , now that's is not working.


Once the resources tab started appearing Dashboard tab isn't working.


Kindly help me in this.


Is there any update to teams app which is causing the issue ?


Should I downgrade to any specific version of mobile app so it is working properly? 



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Attached the error screenshot.

Hi @Padmashriraj 

Try by clearing cache of your mobile Teams app.

Thanks you !

I have cleared the mobile cache and still it is not working.
Have you applied any Conditional Access policy recently, that might be affecting it?
Can you check that from Azure portal?
Hi Nanddeep,
Thanks for the reply , I dont have access to check it but requested other team to check it.
could you please let me know , why the condition access policy is required to check ?

I would like to give an update on the issue,

It is working now fine in IOS device of one of my team mate. But it is not working after many install, uninstall, clearing cache .

not sure whether it is because of Mobile OS or device specific or because of access policy.


Viva Connections is supported on iOS and Android.

Policy can help us check if the request is being blocked. For e.g. from devices not connected to domain, or any other condition.

Hi @Padmashriraj 

There is another thing worth checking, if you can browse to SharePoint home site (in a browser) on your mobile?

If you cannot access, worth checking any Intune policies too.

Hope this helps.