Unable to integrate Planner in Viva goals

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We have implemented viva goals in the last few weeks but when trying to find planner integration it is not available as a selection in the admin integrations page or in a project task outcome dropdown area (see below).

This seems to be specific to my organisations viva goals.


Is there anyone that has a similar issue and is there a fix?



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@Ceohwi Hi there, I have the same problem :( I've created a new organization and it worked there... But unfortunately I did already all my OKRs in the first organization without planner integration. So is there any way to get the planner integration without creating a brand new organization??

Hopefully, somebody will help us...

@Ceohwi If you don't have too much OKRs in your organization perhaps recreating a new organization will help... Or do you know perhaps a way to export OKRs? Feel free to share this information with me ;)