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We are currently building and testing Viva connections in Teams. We have a page that includes an iframe to an external  3rd party web offering. When accessing the page from inside of Teams we get a sign-in option as expected. When clicking on the sign-in button a webpage opens up outside of Teams and completes the SSO sign-in correctly. The authentication is not passed back to the page inside of teams.

If we do the same outside of Teams directly in SharePoint the authentication works correctly. Guessing this is because the page inside of teams is not running in the same session as the web page it launches for the SSO login.

Is there any work around as I would like to keep users in the Teams environment as much as possible. 

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Did you get resolution?
We are having a similar problem in that the web part loads automatically in Teams web. In Teams Desktop it give a sign-in page / button. When we click sign-in it launches a new browser session and shows the content that should be in the iframe of the Teams Desktop page. This effort is part of using the Viva Connections app within Teams to launch our Intranet Home page where the Web Part iframe is embeded.